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logo.gifWelcome to Gundersdorff & Co., a business accounting practice in Durham, NC. Would you like one-on-one accounting, tax preparation assistance or financial advice from an experienced business accountant that cares? Then you've come to the right place.

The business and tax accountants at Gundersdorff & Co. are committed to helping small businesses in the Durham and Chapel Hill, NC area succeed. If you run a business, you don’t always have the time and energy to devote to your finances the way you should. That’s where our professional business and tax accountants come in. We’ll help you handle as much as you need so that you can focus on running your business.

We offer a full range of business accounting, tax preparation and representation, and small business consulting services. We're flexible. We're friendly. And perhaps most of all, we listen. Call our business and tax accountants for a complimentary, no cost, no-obligation, initial consultation. We look forward to offering you the tax preparation services you need.

Our Tax Services

Tax Preparation

Are you tired of filing your own taxes? Do you wish you had extra assistance? If you live in the Chapel Hill, NC or Durham, NC area, you can rely on Gundersdorff & Co. for tax preparation services. As your business accountant, we'll make the process simple and uncomplicated, so you're in the know every step of the way.

Tax Representation

During an income tax audit or Internal Revenue Service audit, Gundersdorff & Co. is here to represent you. You are allowed, by law, to have tax representation during an IRS audit. It's necessary to have a tax accountant to talk to during the process, and to help you make sound decisions.

Payroll Service

Most payroll companies offer cookie cutter service, but not Gundersdorff & Co. We tailor payroll service to each and every company that walks through our doors. To make your business' payroll process easier, contact us today.

Litigation Support

Financial trails can offer valuable insight into business dealings or negotiations. Occasionally, this information becomes relevant during legal proceedings. Our professionals can analyze complex financial situations and prepare reports explaining our findings in easily understandable terms. Our services include consultation, providing expert testimony, supporting depositions related to financial information, and evaluating settlement proposals.

Give Us a Call Today for a Business & Tax Accountant You Can Trust!

Gundersdorff & Co. is an experienced local business and tax accountant serving the Durham and Chapel Hill, NC areas. We have decades of experience working with many commercial customers throughout the area, performing a variety of tasks ranging from bookkeeping to tax planning. Whether you’re looking to streamline your operation or prepare a customized financial report, our professionals can help.

For a business and tax accountant that will help assist you with the tax preparation services you need, there is only one to trust. At Gundersdorff & Co., we strive to provide the finest business and tax accountant services that Chapel Hill, NC and Durham, NC has to offer. Give us a call today for tax preparation, tax representation, payroll, and other services!

See what our clients have said about us:

I have used their services for many years, and they are excellent when dealing with complicated tax returns. They aren't the fastest shop in town, but I feel they are one of the most reliable and trustworthy. Jim and his staff are remarkable. I would recommend them for any of the businesses that are looking for a world-class accountant at an affordable rate. I'd recommend this firm without hesitation! Completely trustworthy! He has a super team and truly cares.
- Karen Olander - Michael Morris - Luke Gendron

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